Mission Santa Isabel de Utinahica

In June of 2006, Xenogenesis LLC was privileged to assist the Fernbank Natural History Museum of Atlanta, Georgia on the Mission Santa Isabel de Utinahica archaeological project.  Santa Isabel is one of the 'lost' missions of the Spanish colonial period.  It operated ca. 1610 to ca.1640 CE (Common Era).  Santa Isabel was known to be somewhere along the Altamaha River, at one of the river's forks.  The ongoing project seeks to learn about the lost mission and indigenous people it served.  Previous artifact finds narrowed down a small area in SE Georgia as a likely candidate, and Xenogenesis representative Terri Lisman was sent to the site to collect data.

      Not the easiest terrain...plus a million gnats...


The site was on private land, currently used for growing lumber trees.  The ground was extremely uneven and brushy, making data taking difficult.  On the plus side, the soils are largely sand-dominant with a little clay, yielding largely usable data.  The data is currently under review with the Fernbank's archaeologists.

Grid from site 1, approx. 35 cm deep.


30m x 5m Grid from site 2; approx. 30 cm deep.  Red areas correspond to features within a mound area.


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