At Xenogenesis we are dedicated to providing the highest customer satisfaction possible. If at any time you have any issue or question which needs to be resolved feel free to contact anyone on this list and they will work to provide a satisfactory solution in a timely manner.




                                                                                                        President - Roger Baldwin admin@xenogenesis.biz   


                                                                                                            Administrator - Angela Baldwin proposals@xenogenesis.biz   


                                                                                                               Project Manager - Jerry Shaw outside@xenogenesis.biz


                                                         Scheduling/Service - Cherina Downing scheduling@xenogenesis.biz            


                              Project Manager/Client Relations - Dan Dwyer indoors@xenogenesis.biz   


                                                                                                            GPR Trainee- Eric Baldwin


                                                                                                            Project Manager -Jeremy Panek outside@xenogenesis.biz   


                                                                                                            GPR Trainee-William Shuler
























The admin@xenogenesis.biz and scheduling@xenogenesis.biz are checked daily so if any time sensitive information is required please cc to these addresses.


Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA Nashville & Birmingham)

American Nuclear Society (ANS)

The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA)

American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)

North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association (NCHEA North Carolina)

Associated General Contractors of America (AGC Nashville & Birmingham)




For inquiries and scheduling, call (678) 548-6432

Or email: scheduling@xenogenesis.biz